I can't beat tribe

First of all sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

I can’t beat tribe. Maybe it is because i only just got the dlc and I’m not used to them but could someone please give me some ideas.


What are you using to try and defeat them? Are you talking about the missions or challenges using the tribe? A good general strategy is to use high damage, low penetration weapons.

Tribe can be exceedingly difficult to beat if you do not have have fighter dominance.

Ideally you want laser or pulse fighters firing on any unprotected tribe cruiser alongside your other weapons. These fighters burn through hitpoints very quickly, and even the fight out a fair degree.

The -50% armor, -50% shield penalty that tribe has really bothers their frigates more than the cruisers. Most tribe AA solutions therefore involve a large amount of fighters instead of frigates, so bear that in mind. Protect your own fighters however you can.

The Lagoon Nebula (no fighters, -50% shields) vs Tribe is one of the most difficult matchups in the game.

Really? I experted that with Pulse Lasers/Quantum Blasters and full cruisers fully armored with a nano rep.

Firstly, I have defeated them. If you know what in the world you’re doing and you have an enormous strike of luck, you can defeat them.
Secondly, I did it on my first try. I can help.
Thirdly, my instructions:
Armor in the front
Engines where Engines are
Shield generator
If you can, Auto-repair
If you have too much power or crew, reduce the module and see if you meet the requirements so the ship won’t weigh so much.
And my favorite, Plasma.
Also, frigates are useless.

If you are referring to the mission Ambush At Tantalaq, yes the “shield inoperable” and 50 pilots limit does make tribe overpowered.

The easiest way is to fight tribe with tribe.

Another method that also works is mass fighter with 2 cruisers in the far corners. Preferably done with Rebel, basically you have 3 sets of laser fighter doing all the killing while 2 dummy cruisers sit on the 2 left corners to raise your HP ratio (so you don’t lose because half your fighter dies).

I thought that’s a Rebel Map in game, and the use of custom anomalies for online challenges is usually consider cheap. Most people won’t play an engine speed reduced 99%, no shield, no fighters, tribe missile spam.

It is, but that doesn’t mean people can’t/won’t post challenges with it.

Dogthinker had a Tribe deployment on Lagoon Nebula called “cruiser spam!” (or something similar) that has to have been one of the most vile challenges I’ve ever faced. Not having fighters is hard enough, the shield anomaly drives it home.

Just tried that challenge. It’s not too hard with tribe VS tribe (beam laser with co-op works), and Order’s Rad gun still dominates Tribe even with the 50% shield penalty. Haven’t tried another race yet.