I can't win here!

I’ve been having trouble with the Gravity Well scenario so I decided to go back to Scenario 1 and try out some unconventional deployments and designs but now I’m having trouble beating Scenario 1???

I built a fleet of 3 cruisers with 3x heavy plasma and 10 frigates with fast missiles and frigate plasmas (was seeing what all missile fleet would do) and I have trouble killing more than 1 cruiser before the enemy wipes me out!

Something is very wrong when 33 missiles/plasmas strike an unshielded cruiser over and over and it doesn’t go boom.

And I’m not sure it’s the “instant repair” problem noted in other topics, since zooming in on the hits, they don’t seem to be causing damage that is repaired, just the little red glows you see when a low-powered fighter attacks.

I’m thinking armour needs some more tuning. Maybe increasing the HPs, but reducing the penetration so it ablates more? IMHO, no ship should be able to survive a giant wave of missiles more than once or twice.

And to counter the giant wave of missiles, perhaps have missiles generate their own ECM effect on nearby missiles. So if you fire a whole bunch at once, many of them will just interfere with each other and cause many of them to lose aim.

Its the autorepair bug, put some repair bots on your cruisers and you should be fine.