I dont get this game

Title might be missleading, I get the game, I know about cars and i’ve played lots of tycoon games and car tycoon games before …

What I dont get is how to sell anything other than budget cars.
I started on mega factory, started selling budget cars as per usual and spammed research slots and started reseach all specializations so I can make a proper production line. Once thats done i went and researched all components that were already researched by the AI plus a few more (most of which were still Rare for luxury and very rare for expensive).

I made another Sedan model and put all the options i had researched and priced it as luxury (from what I understand, tech wise i was well above the ai at this point) … I couldnt sell anything. I then reduced the price to Expensive and out of 60+ cars i sold 1-2 maybe.

How do you sell more expensive cars? Budget cars with no options seem to be the only way i can make any money (albeit slowly).
This is not my first attempt at this, ive tried to do this previously, sell more expensive cars but I just cant seem to be able to.

Idk what Im doing wrong, any tips would be helpful. I wanted to watch some youtube lets plays but all of them are from previous versions and some things are different there.

From my experience it is hard to sell more than budget or mid-level cars until much later in the tech tree. I don’t seem to be able to get people to buy cars at more than a 35 to 40% premium. So what I typically do is make three models once I start researching tech. One budget, one mid-range, and one expensive and set each to a 35% premium. I start adding features to mid-range and expensive as they are researched and once a car hits the price range I’m looking for I start production on it. But outside of aircon I don’t really research any tech until after I have researched the other body styles. It feels to me like far more people are going to walk away from buying one of your cars from it being the incorrect body style than will because it is out of their price range. I also don’t bother with luxury because as of now it seems like they are next to impossible to sell.

Also, if you are starting a mega or giant factory then it makes no sense to build a production line until you have researched most of the specializations. 10 labs and 9 hours of in-game research give you all the specializations outside of arches and bumpers for a cost of like 600k. And one line of all the broken down stations only costs about 100k more than the one you can build straight away and can push through 4 to 6 times as many cars. In their current state the all-in one stations are worthless. They don’t really cost any less than a broken down line, they can’t do any upgrades, and their throughput is garbage. It is something I think needs to be addressed at some point, but this is an early access game so I expect things to be poorly balanced.

We have not yet fully fleshed out high end cars, so I admit that you cant actually sell luxury cars yet. Yesterday I finally got the new ‘nappa leather’ seats working, along with folding and heated wingmirrors, and am now happily selling my first expensive cars. Luxury cars will eventually have features like high performance engines, electric engines, and a sports-car body (coming soonish).

So basically not until the next update (1.28) will it be really viable to cover the expensive market segment, and later in the year we should have enough high end options in the game to make luxury cars feasible too.

Oh I see, thank you.

Keep up the good work, really enjoying your game so far :slight_smile: