I don't like current icon logo and would like a different looking image to be used a .ico

The logo image used as icon is the number 4 and it is not good enough.
The number alone means nothing special and it is extremely generic, it tell almost nothing about what game it is and it symbolizes a number that is not even passing grade at an exam.
A mark of 5 or more represents a “ pass ”, and 4 out of 10 is below minimum requirements.
I hope a better icon will be used as logo and hopeful related to Democracy game like the acropolis from Athens or a pie chart for example.

My favorite logo would be a voting ballot

with the vote being maybe 4.

Is this a troll?

is a very bad logo, and I wanted something better than number 4. There is nothing throllish about pointing out a very bad icon, that can be replaced with something better.

Oh, okay. I just couldn’t take it seriously when you said this:

Regardless, it’s a fair point to make: the logo is pretty generic. However, this shade of blue is distinct to the colour style of D4 so that helps, but when it comes to bringing new players into the game I guess it doesn’t stand out as a distinct logo.

I don’t really mind it but the discussion on what could replace it is worth having.