I fail to make a mod

Hi, I try to create some mods for democracy 4, but its my first time.

Thankfully positech games made it very simple to mod their games. Adding new policies via adding new lines in the csv. (in excel) works for me but how do I turn them into a real mod?

I know, that I have to copy something in the “MyGames/ democracy 4/ mods” folder and then use the ingame-“create a mod”-funktion, but appearently I am to stupid to do so, because when I copy the new csv. and use the ingame-funktion, steam creates a mod for me, but I can´t see the new policies in the game (?)

  • do I have to copy the new csv. or a folder or something else?

  • The modding tutorial says that the “mods” folder is in a different location when using steam – I use steam and it is still there???

  • The modding tutorial says: "A special mod file will exist inside each mods folder called config.txt stuff in this format:

name = rural internet subsidies
path = C:\Users\cliffski\Documents/My Games/democracy4/mods/rural_internet_subsidies
guiname = rural internet subsidies
author = cliffski
description = the rural internet description"

… no, I can`t find it (do I have to create it by myself?)

Can u please help me

PS: sorry for my bad english

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I do not have experience in this, but I suggest you to visit the mod page. Do you still need help?

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With the upcoming modding tools your job should be made much easier, for the meantime, here’s a more in-depth tutorial:


Sirale prolly isn’t coming back for this, sad.

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