I had some fun :D


sadly I was missing the catalyst to upgrade AIDS further (and I explored everything)

here the whole production line:


“Doctor, I’m looking for something I can take to prevent my wife getting pregnant. We don’t like using condoms and she reacts poorly to the pill. What can I do?”

“Well there’s a contraceptive available for men. But it’s an injection, and it’s more expensive than a vasectomy.”


“Well big pharma decided to bundle it with aids, IBS, and sickle cell anemia treatments. So it’s high in demand and very expensive.”

All I can think is “challenge accepted”.

At $5000 per pill it’s cheaper to have kids :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok this is what I managed. Could get higher if a catalyst wasn’t missing.

hahaha you rock

Now let’s see how the AI will release a pill with all these remedies :slight_smile:

nice. I guess mine would be the same price if the market for some things would’nt be already saturated.

the catalyst you were missing wasn’t a 5 dottet pink one, was it? thats the one i was missing too

you are sooo right. from a buisness model standpoint these drugs make no sense at all. but the puzzle is fun

6 dotted pink one. The 5 dot one is orange, which I had.

I love how all these superdrugs make people sterile.

It’s like something from a sci-fi dystopia.

Well…I’m all done here… :smiley:

Until the update coming this Thursday. :wink:

I see some machine butting in there… >.<