I Hate Cheaters video link


Any idea why they sent you that useless personal challenge ?
Or is simply a case where you have kicked their butt so many times, this is the only way they can win ?

I have run into that guy.
Not sure but I think he gets one on by being able to hack or work-around the system.

What I would really like to know…
What are those 6 icons on the splash screen? I don’t get those!

Hey - why don’t I have a vs video on your list?

Pity he doesn’t do something creative - like modding :slight_smile:
As for those icons, I might be something to do with the steam version ?

I do not mind it if the player labels their challenge as “UNFAIR CHALLEGNE” and all players can see it.,. Most of the time it is to make a point about a grievance with game itself. But this player is blatant, habitual and done with malice. Most FPS and RTS games just ban players like him from their server. I do not believe that there are any privately owned servers for this game or have ability ban players.

This is the same DweebWeenie I noted in the “Half Million Hit Point Fleets” thread.