I have a few questions before i might buy the game.

Hello! I just downloaded the demo recently, and i thought the game is pretty sweet. But i just want to know a few things before i consider buying it.

  1. Details about the multiplayer:
    From what it sounds like, you just set up the rules, make your fleet, and put it out as a challenge and see scores others have gotten. Am i wrong/right? anything else you can do?

  2. Survival mode:
    How does it work?

  3. In your opinion, is it worth 25 dollars to buy it and the expansion pack?

  4. What is the limit of pilots/money you can put on a challenge/map?

Thanks in advance to anyone who awnsers!

Also, can you give any more specific orders than max range and priority of fighters, frigates, and cruisers?


  1. that’s how it works since the point of the game is that you don’t control the ships directly.
    however i’m not informed if it might be possible in the future that you play directly against your opponent (the both of you place your fleets, then hit somekind of “ready” button and the battle starts once everyone is finished)

  2. it works as said in the tooltip: you place your fleet and the enemy comes in waves. you will die, sooner or later. the goal is to die later :wink:

  3. can’t answer that. there is a saying i like: the worth of something isn’t necessarily identical with its price. yes i’m a bit special according to such questions, which comes from my view of life. but thats the answer you get from me. afterall, it’s your opinion that counts. :slight_smile:

  4. depends on the map. 10.000cr and 30 pilots in the tutorial, 80.000cr and 300 pilots in defend caspian vi.

  5. yes, there are a lot more orders, like cooperative, escort, formation…


Thanks Driver!

One last question, When you buy the game, does it mail to you or can you just download it off the internet?

by mail, do you mean the mailbox? no, no, no. it just sends it to your Email address. you download it from there. Oh, and BTW, i would recommend buying it off Positech. the other sites… well… have a few problems with the game. :frowning:

Lol i will remember that, thanks!

Is it an automated thing or you wait for the creator to send the email cause i just bought the game and apart from the confirmation email of the purchace from paypal i got nothing

yes it’s automatic. the confirmation email contains the download link.

excuse my ignorance i received a confirmation mail from paypal not the site and there seems to be no link to downlad

hmmm… can’t help you then.

i will email the creator then