I haven't got pictures etc

Ive downloaded the game but I haven’t got any pictures people like the band, etc its just white… but my mate downloaded it and he got these wierd stripes. but looking and the game preview theve got pictures on it :confused: Help??

this is a video card issue. do you have a very old card? or is this maybe on a laptop. you may find that updating to the latest drivers for your video card will fix it.

:frowning: yeh its really old… had a problem before someone said I carnt update it because it old etc graphics card is attacthed to the motherboard :confused:
Do you know any good sites I could update it from? (at least I could give it a try)


It’s really awkward updating the graphics card unless you know what you’ve got !

Right-click the Desktop
Select Properties
Select Settings

Under Display If it just says about the monitor
Click the Advanced button
Select Adapter
You want Adapter Type { that should give you the make and version of the card )
Select Properties
Select Driver ( and that should give you the driver version )

if its not a laptop, you could get a really cheap card and it would be way way better, providing the motherboard itself isn’t a million years old.

thanks people, am not good with computers and what to get etc so am just gonna buy a new computer, this is years old and even the windows isnt genuine :confused: not worth spending money on this lol this is more of my parents computer. I carnt even play sims2 etc