I hope I caught you in your freetime Cliffski

Hi cliffski, now that Kudos 2 is released…
You know maybe someone wants to release a major mod but can’t because of the big venues problem and maybe that guy’s called lordarod. Also adding the unused notes would be spanking awesome! (I just saw this phrase in a dictionary and couldn’t resist)
After the release of Kudos 2; I still believe this is your best game. At least best in potential value.

And someone else tried to try a couple of mods of his own to get very large venues in the game, and had the same problems. Maybe that other guy is sambrookjm (I even had some nice graphics for the stages and Venue signs.)

By the way, Gimp 2.6.0 is out…it busted a couple of the plug-ins I had, and the GUI is a big change from 2.4.x. I haven’t had too much time to play with it yet, but that’s what struck me at first glance. Fortunately, all of the plug-ins I made were fixed easily.



I haven’t forgotten about all this, I just have a hundred things going on at once right now, but I’d like to find time to come back and fix stuff like this.

Don’t worry about this too much…Kudos 2 is your big moneymaker now, I imagine. Take care of that game first. Then go back and fix some of the problems with Rock Legend.

Unless you’re starting to work on Kudos: Evil Genius, in which case you should forgo eating and sleeping until that game is done!!

:smiley: Agree. Democracy: What Would Happen If It Was Actually Tried would be appreciated too. Or Kudos: Going Off Topic Everytime.