I just noticed...

Hello everyone,

I just read the credit section on the manual and saw that the ships were designed by a Charles Oines.

Is this the same person who some years ago produced an excellent tabletop starship combat game called “The Stars My Decimations”? No wonder the federation ships look so good… they’re my favourite btw!


So it seems:

Wow, his ship designs are gorgeous… excellent choice Cliff!

Thanks! I’m glad you like 'em :slight_smile:

They are beautiful… but all bilaterally symetrical… Why is that? Is it a purposeful choice? I honestly am interested… because I find the best, most alien looking (and interesting) ships to be lopsided in one way or another.

I did do a Bug cruiser that was asymmetrical, but Cliff & I decided to save asymmetry for the Imperials.