I just realized something...

Which I should have realized a LOOOOONG time ago -_-

Image is from one of the old GSB trailers, the 2nd one I think.

See that beam that the top Alliance cruiser’s shield deflected? O.O

High-resistance shield, low-penetration beam, the usual. I don’t follow your point of why this should be noteworthy. What about it? Thanks.

maybe its a hardpoint that connect to two turrets, or one beam behind he other that happened to fire at the same time and get deflected, they seem to get further apart a tiny tiny bit to the left, but it looks like a double beam :open_mouth:

That is called casuality, it is just a beam weapon mounted in a double hardpoint, fired at the same time (as every beam multi hardpoint), the only casuality is the identical deflected beam angle :wink:

If you’re wondering about them getting closer together, there is an attribute for beam weapons that determines if multi-hardpoint shots merge or not.

there is?


Quick question gets a quick and easy answer: convergence

If only everything else was so easy :slight_smile:

convergent beams don’t look like that :stuck_out_tongue:

what I’m highlighting is a (what looks like) double beam.

wait, so i just put
convergence = 1?

is it capitalized?

is it 1 or yes?

it’s 1, but it’s not a double beam, it will make beam laz0rz with multiple attached hardpoints fire with a Death Star-esque effect.

Ah, I may have misinterpreted the attribute then. It’s one that I haven’t actually tried myself. It’s suddenly sounding more interesting though.

yeh, the Swarm uses it (I forget which weapon XP)

Currently there’s no way to have a definite double beam in the game (unless you mod the beam graphics)

swarm uses it for disruptor beam, Its a very interesting effect, especially if you use thicker beams…

From what I see, the beams are slightly farther apart on the edge of the screen than where they hit the shields. It also looks like the left-side ships are Federation (hard to tell, since the only one in frame is in the middle of blowing up, but it looks like a Puma or Gazelle hull), in which case this could be a beam coming from the forward hardpoint of a Fox frigate - two turrets, really close together. At long range the two beams are very nearly parallel.

But that’s just what I see here.

Yeah, it’s the good 'ol feds. And I agree now–they are slightly farther apart. But, based on the turret location (if it was a double beam), the beams actually could be farther apart at the end. As far as I know, the beams wouldn’t change their length to meet the other beam’s end. The turret would fire, and the top beam would go a biiiit further than the bottom one.