I just updated the game to build 1.14

Fairly big update, here are the changes in this build:

  1. Added new policy: Retirement Age.
  2. Donors will now quit if you implement a policy suggestion of theirs but later cancel it.
  3. Food Banks, Homelessness and Cyclones are now more easily triggered.
  4. Lots of adjustments to events to make rare events happen more often, and prevent the same ones happening too often.
  5. Cancelling a policy you pledged to cut now counts as a pledge honored, and vice versa.
  6. The political compass on main menu now has an option to show you this months average election victory locations for each country.
  7. Fixed Anything Goes achievement bug where the gambling requirement was inverted.
  8. Reduced the impact on minister loyalty of seeing a fellow minister fired from -10% to -6%.
  9. Germany: ID cards are now biometric from the start.
  10. Germany: Starts with higher technology colleges.
  11. Germany: Reduced strength of CCTV policy.
  12. Germany: Added Game hunting restrictions and right to privacy (GDPR).
  13. Germany: Added cultural boost to productivity.
  14. Germany: Boosted Labour laws strength.
  15. Added negative impact on corporate exodus when worker productivity is high.
  16. Germany: Added geographical reduction to traffic congestion.
  17. Germany: Added Bus Subsidies.
  18. Ctrl+f is now a shortcut to opening the main UI search UI or new policy search UI.
  19. Re-write of party loyalty and membership system to allow parties to adjust towards your position to win support.
  20. Policies can now be mutually exclusive, cancelling others when implemented, such as income tax and flat tax.
  21. UK: Now has Hybrid Car Initiative.

So excited for this update! It looks so invigorating!!!

Is it possible to have a policy be contradicted by two or more policies?

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Re-write of party loyalty and membership system to allow parties to adjust towards your position to win support.

Huh? I wonder what you did? Let’s hope the feature is as it sounds like it could be, a way to balance endgame. Even though it’s still really abstracted what agendas the opposing parties are pushing, but I suppose I kind of can see your point of view as well about more detail to opposing parties being computation-intensive if done properly, and I can also kind of relate to wanting it being done properly if it indeed was implemented. I’m not saying this change is the better approach to having heuristics for how more axes of opinion would work, but I kind of see where you’re coming from, too.

It feels better to me in my test playthroughs, but feedback is welcome. its pretty ‘under the hood’, but you might notice when you are doing well, or badly, that the clusters of opposition party members on the electioneering screen move closer or further away from you as this new feature works.
They can currently shift towards you by 20%, which is governed by the OPPORTUNISM value in simconfig.txt