I know it took a while but...


Missile modules can now have up to ten missiles in flight simultaneously, compared with the single missile in GSB1


In other words…



Remember the outcast frigate missile - the two stage one? Now imagine each missile launched very slowly - and when 10 missiles are in slow flight, they now ignite the second stage… Now imagine that frigate having 3 of those launchers… 1 Frigate - 30 simultaneous missiles in flight…

Now lets just make those missiles nuclear…


Question, is that 10 missile fired independently? Or 10 per volley? Or 10 “decoy”?


The module can now have ten missiles, but each of those can also have sub-munitions as before. Currently only one missile can be in flight for a module, but it will be ten in gsb2.


Cliff, thank you for implementing this long-suggested feature. There are numerous useful things a launcher can do with up to ten missiles in flight.

As Stephen Baxter once wrote, “A short life - but a bright one.”

That’s wonderfully vicious, but surely we can do even better than that payload in the sequel game. :wink: [-innocently whistling-]


Micro Black-Hole Generators?

Wasn’t there a sci-fi series that used black-hole’s as weapons? A David Weber series?
Oooh and Master or Orion the original had one!

On a more serious note - would those missiles all be tracking the same target or could multiple-targets be available… Thinking of Frigate AA-missile and sudden squadron death.

Or a payload of fluffy bunnies?


The series you’re thinking of is Empire From the Ashes, A.K.A. Dahak.


Ponyus WE NEED MOAR DAKKA gif completely made my day, dreams become true after all :smiley:

Very nasty and violent dreams >:D

lol, i’m going to have some epic fun making new crazy kinds of weapons with this feature.


Hmmm, maybe once this comes out I’ll port over and finally finish up my Stargate mod with proper drone weapons.