I LOVE Gratuitous Space Battles!

I bought this game and all the expansion packs when they went for sail on Steam, and so far, I am having much fun with the battles mode :smiley:

Still, perusing the forums, I see there is so much untapped potential in my copy of the game. Could you guys tell me about upcoming additions, modding tutorials, the works? I’d really appreciate it! Talk later!

At the moment the next update is the Campaign mode :slight_smile:

For more information about upcomming developments I would suggest reading Cliff’s Blog -> positech.co.uk/cliffsblog/
Just in case you did not know Cliff is the indie developer of this game.
The brilliant thing about this is that he is always looking through these forum and answering questions.

As for mods, head across to the modding part of the forum and you will find various threads about modding. If you cant find your answer, post a question. We are very lucky to have an excelent community and there will be someone that can help you with any question you might have.

Another way to understand how to mod is to download a mod or two and pick it apart. The game is very easy to mod

Good luck

Amazing! And thanks, you were right, it is!