I love the game but it won't let me play

Whenever I try and play the game I always get the 00007b error the one that always comes up when video game files are involved, I’ve tried a lot of things to stop it and none of them have worked, any suggestions?

What game? Democracy 4?

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Yeah it is Democracy 4, thanks for the assistance btw

Hi, can you share a screenshot Also, was this bought direct, or from gog/epic/steam?
does the game generate any files here:
/my documents/my games/democracy 4/debug?
Have you checked its not being blocked by some antivirus software?

I bought the early access version directly and then switched to steam using the key code, and the only antivirus software I have is McAfee so idk if that blocks games but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

Also the problem happened before I got the steam version but it oftentimes fixed itself either by me uninstalling and then reinstalling it or when the game got updated, but I’ve tried those with the steam version and it doesn’t work.

Mcafee is absolute trash, and is almost certainly blocking the game if it wont start. I wouldn’t even trust mcafee to turn itself off. I strongly recommend just uninstalling it entirely and using the free version of malwarebytes which will be 100x better.

Will do, thanks for the help.

Yeah its still not working.

What did you try? turning off mcafee? or adding an exception? or uninstalling. I actually would try uninstalling. I’ve definitely seen cases where software like this silently runs and blocks stuff for no reason at all, even when disabled. its awful software :(. You can always reinstall it.

I’ve uninstallee McAfee and the game still won’t work, there’s probably another factor at play but I’ve already tried a lot of troubleshooting options when it comes to this error so idk what it is exactly that’s causing this and how to resolve it.

Hi, this is another thing to try that might be it:

Right thanks for the link hopefully this advice works, much appreciated.

Did it work?

Hey Cliff, any thoughts on creating more categories in the forum for D4?