I need some modding help Plz!

I am trying to mod this game and I am using this lovely program some modder created for the game. However, I don’t understand what those values mean. Can you explain them to me?

Cost is how much money the situation costs. Income is how much money it brings in. Start trigger means how far must something be pushed to trigger the situation (some income tax won’t cause a brain drain but you can only get income tax so high without causing a brain drain). With the stop trigger if what’s causing the situation goes below a certain level the situation will stop like if crime goes down enough then a crime related situation will stop. Inertia means it won’t take effect right away, how many turns it will take is the number in the box. I’m not sure about the boxes with the numbers in them.

never tried the mod apps, modding by hand is the finest.
anyways, the numbers seem to be the “equation” for an effect, in this case _HighIncome (which is not the group of high income citizens, but their money if i recall this right). seems to be a situation that starts when the taxes are low, so if you would look into one of the csv’s there would be something like this in the effects section of the situation
in the picture it’s in the window directly above. seems to be an input, so here the total amount of available money per group (high middle and low income) triggers this situation to start or to stop. the equation just calculates the influence of money available to high income group (the x in the equation) on the possibility that the situation low taxes gets triggered