I Think There is a Bug in Coalition System

Hi everyone. I wanted to share something I have noticed in coalition system.

  • If you are the lead party, and you’re not enough to form a government yourself, you get the coalition with 2nd party.
  • If another party is lead, they ALWAYS choose the 3rd party to go get the coalition.
    I am providing my screenshot from UK playthrough. You can see that it would be more benefitial if the 2nd party would have a coalition with me. But whichever country you play, whatever the vote rate is… they ALWAYS go for the 3rd party. I am having this situation for like 5th time now, and I would love to see coalition system getting a balance. May you also share your opinions about the coalition system? Thanks.

I think that this is a feature, not a bug, as far as I am aware. Here “The Popular Democrats” are a party with opposite beliefs to yours, “The New Left” represents a middle between the two. So, if the two parties have a higher combined vote than you, they will always have a coalition with each other, than with you. You can see this here, you with 26.8% of the vote, are no longer the major party anymore, so nobody will have a coalition with you.

But this is certainly something that could be considered in the future, where your party can align with the bigger party.

But this would not be much fun from a gameplay point of view, because you as the minor party would not be taking the reigns of government, but always playing second fiddle to the main party, which would be boring (atleast I think so, and it’s possible that Cliff does too). Democracy 4, unlike “The Political Process” is a government sim (or an in-power government sim) than a political sim, so it probably would not be very interesting to play as the opposition. But, maybe I’m wrong and this can be changed in the future, with other people’s ideas, but as it stands right now, that’s not the case.

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