I wanted to say thank you


It’s my first post here. I simply wanted to say thank you to the person/team responsible for the creation of this superb game. I just bought it today on Steam for $20.69 U.S and so far I am entirely addicted to it. I sincerely wish that this game only receives more features over time and that the community keeps posting their custom challenges for me and everyone else to try out. And, by the way, I really like the graphics and the sound effects (laser beams, explosions, etc), it feels like I’m watching a Star Trek-inspired mass battle from above, it’s amazing!

Again, thank you for Gratuitous Space Battles.

Greeting, fellow player, and welcome aboard! It sure is a great game that’s brought us all together here.

If you decide to go “where no man has gone before,” check out the Modding sub-forum. The ‘Mod Patrol’ is doing some fun, bizarre, and inspired things to cliffski’s wonderful game. Disclaimer: I’m on the Patrol [-chuckle-]. :slight_smile: