I win button: Zergball of no-engine ships.

I have found a abusive strategy, that IMHO, sould be disabled.

Here is:

You make frigates withouth engines, make it good anty fighters, and with some good anti-capital-ships weapons, probably with multiple-head rockets and stuff.
Place a lot of these frigates in the same spot, much like a zergball.


Since the defense area of all these ships protect each another, anything that get near is anhilate. I have managed to win 100% vs 14% in missions that before was almost imposible.

I think I know a way to beat this. It involves a LOT of armour. My nick is “liq3”, so send me a challenge of it if you want. ;] I won’t be able to try it atm tho due to lag.

I just did that with my missile cruisers, the effect was much the same. Nothing got close enough to do any damage due to an unstoppable salvo of missiles tearing it apart. If i threw in a cruiser with decent armour and some anti fighter weapons and PD it would be unstoppable, which is a bit saddening.

Although on about 2X speed it did look like an Ancient drone platform from Stargate, not so much destroying ships as going through them…