I Wonder...

I’ve been playing Kudos 2 happily for about a year now, and while I like the game a lot, there’s something that’s kind of been bugging me about it. If you enter into a relationship with somebody, they expect to be included in everything you do, but sometimes other friends you have invite you to do things and there isn’t a feature to allow you to add more people to the offered activity. I’ve tried doing activies with just the significat other and the friend I want to become friends with my significant other, but it doesn’t seem to make them more inclined to include them. So I was wondering…is there a way to modify Kudos 2 so that you can add your significant other, or any of your friends to an activity that a friend has asked you to join?

Your proposal is quite reasonable, I had similar thoughts myself when playing the game.

Regarding your question if you could modify the game in this way:
I played quite a bit with the moddable text files, but to include such a behaviour the program itself would have to be changed.
So you your options are:

  • ask cliff to add this feature
  • ask cliff for the sourcecode and code it yourself
  • decompile the program and code it yourself