I would really like to study some of Cliff's layouts

Cliff’s plant layouts from his videos look nothing like most of the others I’ve seen. I wouldn’t mind studying them in detail.

Where can we share maps? I have some huge maps with 100s of resource importers.

Thanks. Being able to share game saves for study would be ideal, but I’m sure there is a concern that shared files may contain a malicious payload of some type.

I figured the optimal map would look something like that. The reason I wanted to see Cliff’s maps from the videos is, they don’t seem to share the ‘workstations butted against each other’ format. Some of those may for testing debugging scenarios, and would suck in game. And he may have arrangements that work better, based on his direct knowledge of the distribution algorithms he has programmed.

Good job! The only thing I would add, I noticed you run your reworked cars through inspection again. I have found that to be unnecessary. My layouts have a rework loop post inspection. They keep cycling through rework until they are fully fixed. No more then the initial inspection is performed…

I did that at first. I found I still had a defect percentage of 1 to 1.5 percent. This way I have no defects per hour at 190 cars per hour. If i don’t inspect like this, then in other layouts i run a full inspect/rework series after every facility type. 1 after chassis, 1 after body, 1 after paint, 1 after engine, 1 after accessories. Comes out about the same.

I was figuring at that output rate, the 1.5% didn’t matter. But, doing a reinspect does save floor space, so there’s that. My next experiment is to get one line that has no resource exhaustion whatsoever. and see the rate I get.

I wonder which is more expensive, inspecting each step, or at the end. I don’t know how defect severity factors in.

I need to set up a proper service for this, but in the meantime grab this image:
(right click that link and choose save as)
and this file:
(right click that link and choose save as)

and dump them in /my documents/my games/production line/savegames
and ‘marketing crash’ is my latest (big) save game. Excuse any legacy bugs that might be in there from when I tested stuff :smiley:

Map preview:

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Thanks for this.

There is so much movement in this factory.
Only 4 percent of the cars are being worked on.
The slots are running - but the cars are all in transit to the next location.
Huge map.

I hope Positech sets up something to share layouts, among those of us sick enough to love resource management.

Yeah I definitely want to get into that side of things more soon.

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