I have just spent an hour playing the game and I love it! It’s very smooth and laying down my factory is very statisfying. However, what happened to the iconography from the video blogs? In my opinion using the different shapes for the catalysts was a lot nicer than what it is currently. This is just my 2 cents tho and it doesn’t really distract from gameplay.

Some other icons seem a bit out of place, but that is probably something that is being worked on. (for example the research points icon)

I’m sorry you’re not 100% satisfied with the iconography. However all the graphics that you can see in the game are final. I’ve tried to be consistent within each style of icon, e.g. all the icons that appear in the right hand panel of the Ingredients->Company tabs are all in the same style.

Now I feel bad. I didn’t mean to say that the current ones are ugly or bad or anything, I just thought the shapes were nicer, it’s a very cool game and I’m enjoying it :slight_smile:

On a slightly similar note - Could we have icons showing us whether an illness can be permanently cured or will keep having patients coming back for more no matter how effective we make the drug? Just for those of us without a medical degree. :slight_smile: