"I'd hate to catch something."?

I have one ‘friend’ that when my char invites her over for video games, tv, etc, gets a reply of “At your place?! I don’t think so, I’d hate to catch something.”

The house is clean, I have a svc, and my char is too. I saw listed in the files this was reply for “toogrubby” so I’m a bit confused as to the issue.

I’m also confused as to the IQ/Culture levels over 100%. Help?

What’s a svc? First of all if you haven’t already hire a cleaning service, then just after clean your house, that should fix this problem. Culture and IQ means little if your house is dirty.

svc was referring to the cleaning service (svc as abbreviation for service). I’ve tried cleaning the house. I tried that and and even having my character bathe (several times each!)

And the culture/IQ thing was a separate issue. I was asking how ‘friends’ can have IQs/culture levels of over 100%

That’s really weird, it could be a bug or something, are you using a third party version of the game or the one from this website? As a last resort you may need to just ditch that game and start over, annoying I know but if it’s a glitch it isn’t likely to go away by itself.

You say several times each, is this happening with more than one character? Is so then perhaps uninstalling and then reinstalling the game might actually be the last resort for this. Have you tinkered with any of the moddable files?

Tried cleaning the house several times and having character bathe several times. So far i’ve only had it happen with one char (and only wth one friend.) It’s a third party version. And yeah, I’ve modded it a bit. I’ll deal if I have to reinstall; I was planning to get the mac version anyhow, so no biggie.

My game is the original unmodded one, and I also had a friend saying this. Of course, she would go anywhere else without a problem. It was jut coming to my place which scared her. I assumed she had a sexual aversion of sorts and indulged her fear. She could also have had an allergy to dogs, as I had a dog… and I’m not strong enough to kill the dog (by starvation seems to be the only way) to verify this theory.

My does the above paragraph sound weird… I hope no one takes it out of context.

most descriptions of the game sound like that :smiley: