I'd like more LGBT policies

Hey so I’m new here and I’m not sure if this is the right place to talk about this, but I really love this game and while I have a few things I’d like to see, I only really have one issue - and it isn’t with LGBT policies, actually, it’s with the fact that I get a debt crisis on turn 2 playing as Japan when literally my only actions are raising taxes and cutting expensive programs.

However, that isn’t the topic of this post. There are probably a bunch of other people complaining about it already. The topic of this post is LGBT policies. See, as a nonbinary person, the inclusion of LGBT rights policies is one of my favorite changes from Democracy 3 to Democracy 4, however I do feel like we could use a few more. For example, I’d love to see anti-discrimination policies similar to the Race and Gender discrimination act. In addition, perhaps gay adoption should be a policy rather than just a decision. Lastly, though this one is less important to the game but more personally important to me, I’d really love to see some sort of policy regarding recognition of nonbinary identities. Again, this one isn’t important and could be used as a decision rather than a policy, but I’d still think that was really cool.

I’m sorry if this is short but I just figured I’d make the suggestion.


More gender policies are under his to-do list. But that was a while ago, so perhaps Cliff can give us all an update on the roadmap for said policies. As his priorities are also decided by vote, and those outcomes are not known to us till the next change on the Trello board or when the next update drops, it’s not known at the moment where that is on his priority list, but it’s probably low, since that has been under consideration for over a year now.

In the meantime, you can add those policies in through a mod by making it, as there are currently no mods concerning gender on the Workshop.

I suspect that new gender policies should make their way in 1st Half 2022. But Cliff can give you better idea when he sees this.

I also noticed that that (More Gender Policies) has been removed from the Trello Board, so it seems that it is off Cliff’s to-do list. It seems that Cliff’s intent, atleast as far as I can see it, is to let the modding community handle this expansion (Identity Politics?). Or if not that then to get back to it post-release.


Japan has debt crisis by default (realism), but compensated by local debt.

I know it’s not the main topic of the post, but Japan is sort of like the “Hard” mode for the game. It takes about a dozen restarts to finally figure how to “fix” the country. I’ll give you a hint: it takes very radical change from the start to avoid falling into the deep debt hole that you can never climb out of.

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It’s a very small hint. :smiley:

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