Idea for a game

Hello. I had a random spaz of an idea and thought I’d post it here. Really enjoying GSB. My daughter loves horse games where you manage stables and ride horses. Unfortunately I can’t find any games other than some old PC titles; most of the games seem to be about blowing things up. Now I like blowing things up, but I’m not a horse-crazy 12 year old either. I would think a choice-based, watch-the-outcome format like GSB is a really good format for a horse based game. Think of the things players could do – breed horses, tack choices, change feeds, choose jockeys, diagnose horse problems into three trees (ones requiring a vet, ones that don’t, and one’s that don’t get to be resolved by the player), followed by resolutions on jumper courses, dressage courses, racing, etc. I think it would be really great. So I put it here for what it’s worth. Thanks again for GSB!

Wow, I am actually surprised if something like that doesn’t already exist. Sounds like a big market and a cheaper hobby than real horses. Great idea DG Phil.

Yah thats a great Idea non violence game, I have an Idea about creating the Expendable into game, but anyway that horse game thing is much recommended.

I think the things you covered through the game are quiet impressive.

This sounds like a wonderful idea! Isn’t there a few similar games on the 3DS? Obviously, they’re not as deep.

Nice , You should recommend microsoft games of horses … like age of empires

Thanks for recommendation. I want to try that one.