Idea for future games

I heard you are going to work on new games. May I offer some ideas?

My all time fave game is Homeworld (and all subsequent expansion packs). More less it’s similar with GSB.
I think a GSB with 3D setting would be awesome.
Other feature:

  1. In-game messaging
  2. Clan, ranks
  3. Watch replay
  4. Social media integration

Let’s collect ideas here ^^

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A ground combat add on for the campaign would be good - firstly you have to defeat the space fleet protecting the planet, then subdue the ground forces.

Also, I have always thought that having a time based scenario would be fun. For example, holding off the attacking forces for X amount of time, after which the reinforcements arrive.
This could be extended to escort duties - protecting Ship X while it tries to make a hasty exit. That would go well in the campaign where you protect transporters (the transport ships in the Praetorian mod would be a great fit in this scenario) craft ferrying supplies to a planet or a delivery of a new Dreadnought to a far flung outpost. It could be either time based, or have a goal of reaching a certain point on the map to win. This adds another dimension to the (very fun) but sometimes one dimensional goal of battering the other side until they have nothing left.

I’m up with your suggested ideas sir! pretty interesting and additive…

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A point of note too, all the GSB hulls (vanilla and DLC) were designed as 3D models. I found a small image on the GSB Facebook page that even showed all the vanilla ones:

honestly, i would prefer if GSB stayed in the 2d isometric view. this may seem contradicting as i make 3d models, but doing it in 2d clears up alot of problems. the main one being that its easy to mod.

it also means that anyone can play the game, regardless of how sucky their current gaming station is (my old computer was basicly a toaster hooked up to a fat screen and a calculator as keyboard and it plays gsb without any issues)

and since Cliff is an indie developer, he needs as many customers as possible to pay the bills. it wouldnt make sense to limit those to people with only high end systems.

2d means that he can make an amazing looking game with only a third of the computer power.

my 2¢

I agree with ponyus idea.

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Basically you want to combine Gratuitous Space Battles and Gratuitous Tank Battles into one vast Gratuitous War Simulator.

I could get behind that, esp if you made it so GTB wasn’t purely tower defense. I like the idea of hot and heavy tank on tank action…

I think a Gratuitous Trade simulator could be fun too. He could reuse most of the assets from GSB and just expand on it.