Idea for missions in Democracy 3


I’ve been thinking that a great addition to Democracy 3 would be a “career mode”. This would add an extra element of interest to the game. How it would work is that for each country, there would be a set of objectives. For each country, you would start out as, say, the transport minister, and would have control only over the transport section of the screen. You would have objectives, say, to please motorists, or to cut car usage (or both). If you failed, you would be “sacked” by the Prime Minister, but if you succeeded, then you would be promoted to, say, welfare minister, and again would face a set of objectives. Again, if you failed you would be “sacked”, but if you succeeded you would be rewarded with a different role. You would rotate around the various roles and, eventually, if you succeeded in all of them, would be offered the role of Prime Minister, which would come with a fresh set of objectives. Upon completing these objectives, you could then either continue to run the country, or move onto another country, which would have a different set of objectives.

There could be extra elements such as a “cabinet meeting”, where you would try to persuade the other ministers to accept your ideas. For example, if you were transport minister, you could try to persuade the chancellor to raise car tax, etc. There may be some type of “political influence” that you would accrue by doing a good job that you could use to win the other ministers over. Other ministers may also try to persuade you to do something, especially if you were in an influencial role such as chancellor.

I think that this would really be a great addition to the game, making the game playable for longer as people would continually have new missions to deal with.


o wow. thats actualy a really good idea


Why not take it one step further, and introduce some sort of multiplayer mode to it whereby each player runs a single department with a budget doled out by the Prime Minister… you might need a form a currency like point system already in the game in order to help determine disputes between cabinet ministers…


I would really love a multiplayer mod for democracy 2 but only with a war mod.
I don’t really like the career idea. But cabinet meeting is a good idea to get a temproary boost to loyalties of your ministers.
And I’d really like speech dilemmas both in and outside the parliament. And also leaders of the opposite party should be MORE in the game. Basically game should adopt somethings from The Political Machine 2008.

There is a famous quote I love " If tranquility, peace and harmony are lacking between the nations of the world; no matter what a nation does for itself, it is devoid of peace."

Which means we need more foreign relations!