[idea] how the battle ends and when to end it

i think it might b a good idea if people can set the amount of fleet need to register a loss instead of having it locked at 10

maybe another slide-bar on when setting up challenges and it could b visible on the deployment screen or challenge description

also idk how difficult this is but i think it would look better if the losing side, seeing that the battle has been lost, will all turn around and head for their side of the screen and maybe even warp out with the same effect as warping in

plz lemme no wat u think :slight_smile:



yeah, a retreat button for challenges and misions would be sweet, but not necessary.

it would be cool for those making videos and stuff and those who roleplay ^^

great idea, supprising no one have thought of it before.

I like the idea of the losing side turning tail to flee, but maybe that’s because I like the idea of my winning fleet blowing up the last few enemies as they try to run screaming into the night. Mwah hah hah.

wow this would be epic!

Although quite frank-ly I believe that GSB could really use some cool hyperspace effects, like a bit in SUPCOM 1 or 2 i think where its a loading thing wif like hyperspace. Yeah sure itll probs lag a bit at the start cos of the video effect but itd be way cooler than just staring at this random screen with n00b Vanilla ships on it. Yawn

I like the idea. I feel a bit dissapointed sometimes when i am about to harras the last ships and suddenly i won the battle… or in the contrary, u have a slow cruiser that is far from the main action, and all your ships are destroyed. Even when u think with only that cruiser u can kill em all, the game thinks that this is not possible and suddenly u lose the battle. I hate when that happens. I really hate it :S