[Idea] Indicator for non-stock modules in ship design list

Sometimes I run into the issue where I uninstall mods and crash on startup because some of the ships I saved still have modded modules. I also end up accidentally arming my stock ships with modded modules because most modders don’t restrict their new modules to their modded race.

I would like the game to put some kind of indicator around the icon for any module not found in the “Gratuitous Space Battles\data\modules” folder so I know which modules are stock and which are custom when I am designing ships. This way I don’t accidentally do stock challenges with modded items and don’t have to wipe out all my saved ship designs when I uninstall modded races.

just put a tiny little star in the corner of the icon?

or a different-colored outline box around the icon

Or a [Do / Do Not] Show Non-Stock Modules option.

However, this demands GSB be able to recognize which modules are the stock ones.

Having the core app distinguish between the two sources of modules and then give you an option to tag them visually is a superb idea that’s long been needed. I support this idea fully.

Well, considering that Cliff is working on a way to make the game determine if you need DLC/mods for a fleet automatically as part of the campaign, this might actually come to pass about the time that gets released…

This would be an exceptionally useful addition. I try to respond to challenges with stock modules only, but I’ve got 4-5 mods installed, and sometimes it’s awfully tough to remember which modules are part of GSB proper and which are modded. A little indicator would certainly help.