Idea: Limitless GDP

I’ve seen a few ideas here about what to do to make GDP growth more interesting. I want a proposal that I see is related to a few of them and not mutually exclusive. Why Limit GDP growth at all? As long as a country’s population is growing (and productivity remains at least flat), GDP should never max out. Late game would feel a lot cooler without an upper limit to income, especially if like me you like to finance early game with a lot of debt.

@fabian2 had a proposal about more directly allowing control of aggregate supply/demand policies.

@raxo2222 suggested moving from GDP to GDP/capita and rate of GDP growth. I think both of these, if also limitless (unfortunately they proposed a limit) could be an interesting way to play out this dynamic.

Mostly I just want to see the limitless growth that Greg Mankiw promised me in my econ fundamentals textbook.


The limit would be $300 000 GDP per capita!
Only thing that could increase GDP per capita boundlessly is technology.

We would need space colonization, practically used nanotechnology, some rudimentary transhumanism and other ultra-tech stuff.

We also could cheat this and just steal all billionaires and their assets with our ultra-pro billionaire policies.

yes i completely agree, add limitless growth

Cliff said before he won’t remove the cap on GDP.

Thanks this is good info I hadn’t heard about this. I’ve been playing the games for a while but obviously this is my first post here so haven’t been in the loop. Is there a link to a place where he says that?

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Be sure to tag cliff, if you want his feedback on anything.

Also, the Democracy series are since the 2000s!!! So, it’s definitely intentional that they added the cap on that GDP.