Idea List

Side scroll should work over windows
Stations for full-build items should show how many pieces it takes to build, instead of just what it has stored, (even though individual stations show it, we don’t know this until later)
Percentages are off for robots that cause performance increase, seems like it’s actually {~9%, ~6.5%, ~4%}
Build stations should show where it’s resource intake and output are (would help separate the two while building, not after)
More Explaination of Power and other charts (took a bit to realize I was paying for it until I built my own powerplant)
Easier to delete resource track, often I’ve deleted stations instead
allow deletion of areas
allow customization of warehouse, change flooring, some stations have same floor as factory, harder to tell the spaces apart
Choose upgrade window to stay open, inconvenient to keep opening it to select more upgrades at the same time
Multi-item build, if I want to build N power stations, I have to click it and place it N times
Resource conveyor should not automatically connect to itself, let me control it (would like to have a resource stream next to import stream and not have them merge together)
Should be allowed to un-install upgrades
Show all upgrades available to station, greyed out as “unresearched” to give us a hint as to what we might want to research next
All in one build centers could have limited slots for available upgrades, so base cars could still have some enhancements
Research skill tree, unlock goals, can’t research X until you completed building N cars, etc…
Allow custom colors of in game, could be linked with paint station to choose what colors you create (might be a sub-goal, such as color X is popular in the market right now, make more of these)
Same could be applied to parts, market says people love Sun-roofs, later they want ABS, etc…

Change mouse buttons
Right Mouse: Rotate object (more like other simulation games (s!ms, s!m c!ty…)
Left Mouse: Place Object (currently shared with place item, is confusing when I build and want to pan around)
Middle Click Hold : Pan (currently it’s rotate object, which makes it really hard to play on my laptop that does not have a middle mouse button)
Add keyboard command for rotate (comma for rotate clockwise, period for rotate counter clockwise)

Possible Bugs 1.06:
*Bulldozer could work better (currently can right click to delete anything at anytime)
*All-in-one stations flash warning insufficient resources between sub builds
*Resource conveyors can be built over any tile if placed one adjacent tile at a time
*Task Editor, clicking any task automatically moves initial item of task (upper left?)
*Task Editor, unable to add/remove additional items to a specific tile

try “R” to rotate when playing on your notebook.