[idea] Module Suggestions

Ok, so I’ve been watching Battlestar Galactica to get inspiration for ship designs, etc, and a couple of ideas for modules have occurred to me:

  1. ‘Metal Storm’ type flak cannons - Basically incredibly rapid firing cannons that are more or less useless against frigates/Cruisers but can do damage against fighters/missiles (though there is no targeting per say - just lots and lots of bullets).

  2. Boarding Ships/Pods - Basically a short ranged module added to either fighters (in which case it will be one use), or cruisers/frigates that does damage directly to components of a ship (such as power plants, etc) bypassing the shields. However, this has quite a high crew cost/price.

  3. Fighter Bays - More or less a way for fighters with the cautious order to disengage from the battle, head over to the cruiser with the fighter bay and get repairs, so they can head back into battle. I’m thinking it acts like the normal cruiser repair system, except on fighters.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

This is like the 3rd post about the same modules today.
Yes, they are good ideas. Have a read of the consolidated suggestions thread.

Heh, yes I wonder what happened that we all had the same ideas at once.

My apologies - I hadn’t had much sleep at the time of posting: there were some problems in my lab and… well I’m sure you get the idea.

I’m not sure about your excuse, but down here in Aussie land we’ve been putting Spice (of the dune variety) in the water supply :D.