Idea resource line

Had this idea for the resource line as the resource line is often the bottleneck in the factory.
Have a research option that allows the resource lines to transport resources in bulk. Like if 8 valves are ordered, instead of having 8 of them move over the resource line, there will be 1 crate with 8 valves in it moving over the line. Freeing up 7 “slots” on the resource line for other resources.


this is a nice idea. This would make some things a bit easier. But I’m not sure if this will be easy to balance.

But maybe it could help to organize the material movement over longer distances from a Resource Importer to a Stockpile. If a production slot could receive them directly it may get too easy …

So to keep it challenging I would prefer a different type of stockpile (e.g. Stockpile & Isolating Device) which would allow to handle bunches (with a fixed amount) of the same item.

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