IDEA: XNA xbox 360 version of democracy 2?

hmm the issues you had with pirates and what not put to the side. I’d love for a version of “demo crac 2” to be added to the xbox live arcade true based on the game now i’d say a complete rework would be needed to complete the port but paying 800msp for democracy 2 and then you could create civic add-on’s to equal the normal price of the game

would instantly create a potential market of 10 million users each paying $10/800msp for the base game and you get upto 70% of that payed out each quarter then you add the civic-addon’s or something for like $3.75 /300msp per add-on then with a few interesting add-on’s you can have equal your $22.95 with not too much effort

mybe even slim down the original democracy 2 and use the add-on’s to add more and more policies

hehe instead of add-on packs “policy packs”

I’d love to help with the creation or development of the 360 game i’m working on learning the in’s and outs of xna for 360 game development before i go head first into indie game development. i have the tools and basic skills but i need a mentor really hehe let me know if you like the idea i could help flesh the design doc for you if you wish.

i like this idea

Hi. I’d love to see the game on other platforms. Right now I’m swamped with all sorts of different stuff I need to get done, there is the very imminent mac release of Kudos 2, the development of a new space strategy game, and ports of other games to other platforms being discussed all at the same time.
So the only reason this has not been done yet is a lack of time and organisational mindshare to get it done, not any other reason :frowning:

If you need some help with 2D artwork for the space game (planets, stars, nebula, etc…) let me know. I’ve done some work on GIMP scripts for just those sorts of things.