Ideas for game

May this has already been mentioned, but here is my input…

  1. Make laying out items on the factory floor repetitive, meaning, don’t make every piece that is laid out a new click on the build menu.
  2. Make destroying repetitive as well, meaning, when a player holds down the left mouse button it will destroy all the pointer hovers. ( would make restarting a new layout much easier and faster)
  3. Make an option in the options menu to have all imports as “default” for all items placed on the factory floor, meaning, if a player wants “prefer local” imports as default, the play can select this option before beginning the game or scenario.
  4. Give the layout of the factory floor the ability to rotate instead of always have the same 45 degree angle.
    These are just a few thoughts on some of the items I have found playing.

Hi, holding down shift (as i recall) does allow you to place multiple identical items, if that helps?

It would be nice to give a better overview of the show room so for example: just state how many cars you have of every design and then maybe if you open that tab it wil tell you how many are missing certain features.
Also like ideas above.

Awesome game!
I would love to have the option to select a check box on each model I design to have it automatically update the vehicle specs with either the ‘Common’ or ‘Universal’ features. this would save me having to constantly check my 30 odd vehicles every time a competitor researches a new technology.
Ideally a player would select those vehicles they wish to have automatically updated, whilst still being able to control other models manually.