Ideas for New DLC

So my idea for a new DLC is a cold war turned hot between the US and the USSR after the defeat of the Germans in 2114. Alternatively, it may just be an eastern front against the germans.

Some new things to add:
-To get around the coding issue with multigun tanks, what we should do is have the weapons work as one weapon in the code that alternates its firing between the weapons fast enough to do all their work. We might not have multiple turrets, but we will at least have multiple weapons.

-Infantry should have camo that reduces accuracy of attackers (as part of armor).

-There should be a motorcycle hull that does not give infantry any extra armor but makes them move faster. It would also increase cost.

-There should be damage over time and increased extra internal bonuses for flamethrowers.

-There should be unarmed IFV’s and armed APC’s that transport infantry that disembark once the vehicle is killed.

-There should be RPG’s, heavy machineguns, flamethrowers, and grenades for infantry as options.

-New hulls based on WWII and cold war soviet tanks.

-Artillery vehicles with huge range but little HP or speed.

-Maybe the aformentioned parachute troopers some players have been calling for.

-Maybe some French, Italian, Japanese, etc… tank hulls.

Please note that these are just cool suggestions and all I want to see is more fun with your game.

my evaluation of this
also i think rather then DLC, this should just be a general update
bold letters are my thoughts

and some of my editions:

Soft skinned vehicles (HUMVE, Williys, Kublewagon, ect)

multi-defense mode:

and other game modes

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