Ideas for New Races

I’ve had GSB for about a month now, and I love all of the races. However, I’m a bit on the AD/HD side (ooh pretty lasers!), so I’ve been thinking about ideas for different races.

  1. An organic space-faring species (ignoring the fool in back yelling “Zerg!”). This would bring some interesting possibilities for weapons, like an acidic version of the Order’s radiation weapons, or kamikaze fighters that do massive damage to ship hulls/armor (once again, ignoring the shouts of “Zerg!”).

  2. Space pirates. I have no idea what weapons or ship designs would be used for this, but I just like pirates :D.

What do you guys think of the above? Any ideas of your own?

Welcome to the GSB forums, William!

Ancient Plants race; a mod that’s already in development.

Pirates race; a mod that’s already in development.

William, stop by the Modding forum and check out the teasers we have up for both of these mod races. I’m sure you’ll also see plenty else that appeals to your desire for more of the “ooooh, it ZAPS!” stuff. :slight_smile: Feel free to give us your opinions there on our various works-in-progress. There’s a lot more going on there than most players realize!

Right on, thanks man!

If I ever get around to it, I plan to make a Delightfully Purple-Tinted race of sentient spaceships who use their “Crew” for processing power.

But I’m still not totally sure what goes into making a new race so I’m a bit stalled there.

I have never heard anyone refer to the “Druuge” as delightful . .
As for making a new race, its fairly easy - Based on the scientific premise “that if i did it . . anyone can do it”

The question comes down to, how much detail do you wish to go into ?

Well, what did you do for yours? I haven’t gotten around to identifying what a new race entails.

Please note that this is what i did - This is not a list of things that MUST be in a new race mod.
Its up to you what goes into your mod.

Ships - Probally the most important part of any new race. This can take up much of your modding time, although it helps to have images of the ships you want to use. In my case i used some sprites from an old pc game, the original ships but using a creating custom skins and a few “chop shop” ships. (see avatar)

Weapon Designs - i kinda cheated a bit here. I used the standard weapons and created varients. Although i added in a few new secret mega weapon :slight_smile:

Modules - I did not really introduce many new modules into the game, so this part was quick and easy

Shield, Turret, Weapon Effects and Module graphics - This took the longest as there are tons of modules in this mod. Mainly due to some idiot making 3 varients of every weapon which required its own graphic.
here is a quick tutorial on what you need to do to make your own turrets -

Scenarios - Relativly quick, in this case i borrowed the original ones and used some of my new ships in them

Music - Find some music you would like to see as a battle theme.

Sound Effects - Some of the new weapons needed to sound different, so i found a few sound effects that seemed to match the weapon.

Please note that all this has taken me more that 4 months to do.
The only advice i can give is, In the end you should make the mod for yourself.
If your happy with it - post it, so we can enjoy it too.