Ideas for Positive Situations and Events?

Currently D4 has a lot of negative events and situations, let’s have a list of positive events and situations for Cliff to work off of!

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When you reach 0 carbon emissions, that should bring about a positive situation called Carbon Neutrality:

Doing so would vastly improve Foreign Relations, add a massive reduction to global carbon emissions and domestic emissions (since countries can’t prevent action on climate change because “it’s too expensive” because you just proved that wrong and the infrastructure to polluting industries has been mostly taken down), increase Foreign Investment and GDP due to more countries working with your companies to go carbon neutral.


I feel that foreign relations and foreogn investment already pretty easy to max, but probably there could be some other buffs besides that? Having said that, it’s still a good idea! Entirely possible that there are people who donfind maximizing these difficult!

A foreign relations penalty might also be implemented if some form of carbon neutrality is not reached in the late game.

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Hmmm…that sound fair, but the impact of that should be higher if the climate agreement had been signed.

Yeah, there maybe could be an option where the player can choose to sign or refuse. If the player signs but not action is taken there will be a large penalty down the line, but if the player refuses there will be a similar penalty right now, but no obligations to do anything.

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Maybe a smaller penalty if the player refuses?

Yes, possibly.

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Currently, biodiversity loss is a huge problem for the environment, on the scale of climate change, if not bigger.

So, the first step would be probably to have biodiversity feed into the environment model, have policies related to it.

Not taking care of the environment would lead to an event/situation called, “environmental collapse”. Taking care of the environment would lead to an event/situation called, “environmental stability”. And there could be associated benefits and shortcomings to the respective events/situations.

Additionally, CO2 and avg temp should probably play a role in impacting the environment (for example as an additional stressor for biodiversity).

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