ideas for repairs and probes in campaign

One type of mission that I loved in X-wing or other space sims, was the attack of a camp or ships being repaired. I added a great feeling or emergency. And I wondered if there would not be a way to implement something like that in the campaign mode to come :
From what Cliffsky said, all ships are repaired depending on the honour we spend. A way to give more feeling of the urge to go quick and prioritize correclty would be to give an estimation date of the next attack (with inaccuracy), and every point of honour spent, or changes made to the fleet makes time progress. The fight begins when all repaired are done or with the time runs off.

Then we could add some moduls to speed up that repair (time advances more slowly), for example we could bring some repairing frigate and keep them behind and protect them. They would be usefull only between fights.

Finally, I am wondering whether we should not have an option too to send probes to coming fleet to get some data. Depending on the number or type, the information would be more or less accurate (from number of ships, to a more or less accurate total quantity and or types or modules installed). To send the probes between fights, special modules should be fitted. The more modules, the more probes can be send and the better quality of information.

Probes would take time to travel to the enemy fleet and send back information. (So we can’t adapt every thing too quick). And maybe sending probes could speed up the arrival of the enemy fleet as they give an indication of our location (the more probes, the quicker they arrive…)

An interesting post, because this is stuff I’ve been thinking over a lot recently as I work on the campaign add-on thing.
My current plan is that you can ‘retreat’ from a battle, which costs you lost honor (naturally :D). So if you warp into the Zarg IV system, and encounetr a huge fleet of missile cruisers, and you have little in the way of defence, you could (for example) retreat at a cost of 1,000 honor. What Might be cool is the ability to launch a scanning probe to that system first (at a cost of maybe 200 honor) to find out whats ahead before you have to warp in the first place.
Or probes could only be available to people with new ‘probe launcher’ modules…
Oh the possibilities are endless. I really hope I can get a decent campaign mode going, I’d love to have an ongoing semi-online campaign style game based around GSB. It would be awesome fun :smiley:

Indeed. I think too that with GSB you are on a great concept with lots of unexplored potential. Hard task for the lonely programmer to focus where time allows…

Seeing from your reply and the blog update regarding campaigns; the important point in my suggestion compared to what your propose is the time.
Repairing takes time. Enemys might come to you, you don’t know exactly when. So you have to choose what is the priority order to repair.
It would different if it is you attacking an other fleet on an other planet, where you have time to prepare the way you want…