ideas & suggestions and some bugs I found

First I want to say great and fun game, keeps me coming back trying to see if I can do better each time;:wink: I do have some problems with the tiredness and stress levels fluctuating so madly though, and even on the very rare good days I seem to get huge amounts of stress and tiredness, I think they should be toned down alot, more good days added, and afew fabulous/great ones would be nice to see too. The bug I have is I bought a car and it wont let me choose car as my method of transportation. Can we get that bug fixed asap please;) Okay on to the suggestions,…
to begin with only having one thing to do a day besides work is just not enough imo, would be nice for 3 on weekdays and 5 on weekends,…for instance, jog or workout then a bath, then relax with a book or watch some tv for a little while before bed… Id like the option also to go to the museum alone… I promise I will be good without a escort:P Also I would like to see option to call friends on the phone to keep up friendship score and happiness and lower loneliness. Some of the costs in the game are a little high, I would like to see some events that don’t cost so much money.
The other main thing is the friendship tree, I think color coding of people on it so they turn green if u choose a event and they like it or red if they dont like it would be nice as its a pain to go into the interests of each person in the tree to see if they like a event. Also, how about the ability to carry mace and a police whistle to foil those street robbers, as well as a option to use a bank to put most of your cash safely away so it cant be robbed, as I was saving for a car and every time I had almost enough cash to get a car I got robbed and had to start over again! I also think it would be nice to find bigger better apartments in neighborhoods without a high crime rate. Ohh and meditation should relieve some tiredness as well as just stress. As you move into nicer apartments it should bring up your kudos points and happiness scores.

You have to take driving lessons at night school before you can drive…I don’t know if you knew that, and if you take kick boxing or kung fu lessons you don’t get mugged.
Pet cats keep the stress levels down a bit, and I think the fish do too. I’ve got both and my stress bar goes half-way every day rather than maxed out like it did before I got them.

Mia thnks so much for the reply… who knew u had to take semi driving lessons to drive a car:P Also, Ill try the cat n fish thanks so much:)

Not sure if you are aware but if you get a dog it stops burglars.
Also if you click on socialize and go through the options while looking at your tree of friends, the frame around your friends lights up if it is something they are interested in.
Take it easy.

I’ve seen this a few times but I can’t find it !

It’s in solo_activites, playing version Final 1.22

just so you know, i think i saw something in the config file, or somewhere where you can alter the amoutn of things you do a day. and if you want to cheat, i mean say you did driverz ed inhigh school and change the driving class down to zero that way you wont have to do it you can just get in the car and drive! hehe!

Meaning no offense, but why bother cheating? A developer should determine a level of challenge for their game that is neither so low it provokes yawns of disinterest, nor so high it provokes cries of dismay. If you remove the challenges the developer has placed, the whole idea of achieving any goal is removed, and there ceases to be any reason to play the game. The only reason to “play god” is to create your own world with minimum interference, IMO. :slight_smile: