Ideas to add depth w/o filling up the main screen

Howdy! Given the news today on BBC, a few ideas emerged in my head.

IDEA TYPE 1! New loss conditions!

  1. New way to lose: successful military coup. A combination of very low stability, dissatisfied / numerous patriots, and perhaps very high military spending could cause this?

  2. Another new way to lose: successful uprising. If the separatist state event fires and military spending is very low, the separatist state could take over the country.

  3. And a third way to lose… police takeover. Similar to military, but very high police authority & dissatisfied state employees.

Why add these? To add in more potential depth. While both events are very unlikely to trigger in the countries currently in the game (France isn’t likely to fall due to a coup), less-developed nations that modders add in could really use these mechanics.

IDEA TYPE 2! Voter turnout! How election law influences voter turnout!

Certain voters could be more likely or less likely to turn out to elections, depending upon ease of access to voting booths, compulsory vs. voluntary voting, and voting rights. Examples:
A. If mail-in and provisional ballots are banned, youth would be less likely to vote.
B. Lax controls over political donations could let wealthy voters have more sway over elections via campaign contributions.
C. Not making Election Day a national holiday could make the poor less likely to vote (since they have to work), but parents more likely to vote (since their children will be at school).
D. If voter ID is required, the poor & retired could be less likely to vote.
E. Restricting voting rights could very slightly decrease democracy and very slightly increase patriot opinion.


I don’t think that pleasing patriots is the right way to handle voter suppression. I know this game seems to have a bias that all right wing groups are antagonists, but I think there’s a better way.

There are already 4 voter groups who make up 2 opponent sets. Maybe suppressing one pleases the other? It also might be worthwhile to talk about making more opponent groups. Perhaps “globalists” to counter patriots?


It also might be worthwhile to talk about making more opponent groups. Perhaps “globalists” to counter patriots

I really like this idea, and renaming Patriots to Nationalists.


I do like the idea of adding more groups. I saw somebody mention somewhere making a Veterans group, which I love; I think adding these contrary groups is an even better idea.

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