I played the full game and noticed some things that could be improved. This list is not in order but I numbered them for reference.

  1. All maps are the same thing, they only have diferent sizes and configurations which could be automatically generated or even discarded at once, unless there is a goal to do proper events on each stage in a future, but at this point in time, they are meaningless, so playing on the smallest or the biggest is just a matter of how much I wanted to explore of the game and how big my factory could be, and since no one is interested in receiving a half game or building only half plant and having to start over, the best and only option is the biggest map.

  2. Still on the same subject of the map, a piece of land shouldn´t be constrained to a set piece of nearby areas that could be rented, they should be built during gameplay by the player or the entire facility should be rented, the way it is right now, it appears to be a commerce inside a shopping mall, which is not exactly like a factory.

  3. No replayability. Once you played the full game and went from big groups to smaller and smaller groups and fabricating everything to the very rollcage, returning to the first stage on another level/map is pointless and does not grant anything but painfull repetition.

  4. At the begining it is unclear how to proper assemble a car, the only tips don´t come from the tutorial or from a windows showing the full chain of production, it comes only from the vehicles themselves warning that the next stage is not in line. Arguably the menu is ordered from top to bottom so that each item on the list is also the order that must be used to build the car, but it is not written anywhere.

  5. It is not possible to do a circle of coveyor and connect every factory to it, the game crashes.

  6. The Resource importer doesn´t balance it´s sources according to any rule and sometimes there is an importer right next to a factory useless.

  7. Sometimes the game crashes if you manage to use the resource conveyor the wrong-way.

  8. Once a path is stablished between two resources in the resources conveyor grid, there is no recalculation for new paths, rendering some new paths useless unless the old path is destroyed disrupting all the paths that used and conveyor.

  9. Sometimes a resource is in a stockpile right next to it´s factory with a clear path to it´s destination, but it wont go, probably because the game is calculating other objects paths, elsewhere in the resouce grid.

  10. Almost everything can be build from Steel, there is almost no other chemical elements as if alluminium is created from steel.

  11. There is no market differenciation for SUV, Compact and Sedan, they have the same prices and same consumption rate.

  12. The only differenciation to build an SUV, a Compact and a Sedan is it´s first axle, which looks exactly like the others. Granted that in the changelog of future updates the 1.20 promisses some changes in this front.

  13. The vehicle name is not uniquely bound is family bound and there is no way to change this setting, so if you change a design name it will change the name of all cars in stock and not only those brand new and yet to be released.

  14. There´s is no market differentiation in need of accessories, hence the most expensive is the only viable vehicle, rendering a diferenciation in production chain useless, as if everybody wanted a super expensive car whith all accessories from factory.

  15. It is not possible to sell spare parts, as if a factory sold only it´s cars and never sold spare parts for repairs.

  16. I don´t like using loans, and the game allowed it, as if an enterpreneur would start a factory from scratch without loans and successed.

  17. A big part of the subfactories don´t change the overall look of the final vehicle, an example is the wheel and the tire that look exactly the same once installed.

  18. The order in which parts are fit to build the car are at least weird, fitting a full body before the engine is kinda akward don´t you think? Most of the building chain should be interchangeable, so that I can assemble the car my own way, granted that some ways are more efficient than others, but some ways are just equaly good.

  19. The subfactories could be fully customizable, allowing me to create L or Square shapped subfactories instead of I shapped. Also allowing me to improve or reduce it´s efficiencies due to the lack or increase in certain tools, configurations and upgrades.

  20. The air conditioning system and the electrical system are just accessories not full networks inside the vehicle that must be built before the vehicle is fully assembled. This could be a little more realistic with a car not receiving an upgrade since it´s electrical system was built 5 upgrades behind or instead going a step further and showing some limits like the number/size of the intakes the air conditioning system currently have and not allowing the installation of a better feature.

  21. There should be quality checks inside of the factory to allow some older models that were stuck waiting for materials inside some stages of the factory and missed some 4 or 5 upgrades to be discarded, refurbished or even disassembled for materials recycling.

  22. Some upgrades should be replaceable intirelly, in my factory i was using both sunroof and panorama sunroof, as if one is complementary to the other, but it should be replacing entirelly.

  23. There are randomly chosen manufactories available, some important parts are not manufacturable like the rear and front bumper´s, but some others not that important are, like the steel sheets, this should be improved a lot, allowing me to produce other parts and choosing which are worth the investment.

  24. Each model should have it´s own profit, sometimes in my factory a vehicle appeared with a different set of upgrades, forcing me to decrease the profit margin of all my cars to even try to sell those weird models.

  25. The list of upgrades that a car received should be sortable not only by install order, but also alphabetically, and there´s even usability problems in this front, since for some cars in stock the list changes it´s ordering sometimes.

  26. The “production slot”'s graph sometimes spanned past it´s screen limiting box going all the way to the right edge of the screen over the pizza graph and part of the factory.

  27. Multifactories should be allowed. Currently I can rent a different part of the factory in a giant map, not connected to the first area and those two cannot change parts in any way.

  28. There should be custom sized stockpile area with multiple customizable entry/exit points for filtering and networking of materials instead of just a simple stockpile, so that I can use these to link two resource grids with a buffering and a filtering.

  29. It should be allowed to manufacture unsafe cars, like creating a woodenplank with a motor, 4 tires and a driving wheel, off course with some lower price.

  30. There is almost no interaction with anything outside the factory, and there should be more.

Lets stick to these ideas for now, since this list could reach 100 items easily.

  1. Funny, because I only play on the smallest map. Probably because that map happens to have a good ratio of import slots compared to floor space, meaning less wasted space once everything’s up and running.

  2. It’s exactly like a factory. It’s the norm for new businesses to rent floor space within a larger complex.

  3. Agreed. The maps differ in size, but I just don’t feel there’s any new challenge to any of them. Master one, you master them all.

  4. Agreed. You really need to watch game play videos or just guess that your slots happen to be in the correct order. Maybe some UI hints for laying out your first modules?

  5. File a bug report. I don’t recall seeing that before.

  6. They’re not smart. It’s down to you to set down a supply line that adequately meets all of your production line’s needs. I actually quite enjoy this part of the challenge - to an extent.

  7. As 5.

  8. As 6.

  9. Could it be that the production slot is attempting to pull the items directly from the importers? If you don’t have import priorities set up, that could be your problem.

  10. Steel: Made from real unicorn blood.

  11. Well spotted, I expect Cliff will fix that at some point.

  12. OK.

  13. I think this is a throwover from the simplification of the naming process. It used to be you could name every individual model of car, but that created a hateful scenario where every few seconds the game would give you a popup asking you to name car #18,722, #18,723, #18,724 ad nauseum.

  14. I do believe Cliff is working on the economic model to fix that issue.

  15. It would make sense that the parts you produce on site would need to be exported for after-sale care. That could potentially open up a new challenge to the game: Helping 3rd parties help keep your products in top working order after the PoS to help with your brand recognition.

  16. You do start with seven figures, just pretend it’s from a previous investment or a gift from your dad or something. That said, it’s not terribly realistic, given the relatively limited starting capital that you’d choose to rent a factory unit with such massive floor space that you simply aren’t able to use at first.

  17. Do they need to? Most of the upgrades would only have tiny impact on the look of the vehicle.

  18. I’m not sure about customisable build order, but some sequences are indeed very odd. Tyres(tires)/wheels/brakes springs to mind.

  19. God, I would love this. But then, part of the challenge is making these slots fit together properly. I like to think of it as a weird 4-dimensional Tetris (you are now humming the theme tune to yourself).

  20. I like this idea.

  21. I like this one, too.

  22. Agreed.

  23. I think more options are in the pipe line.

  24. Agreed.

  25. Agreed.

  26. I thought he fixed that. Evidently not.

  27. I could see why you might want it, but wouldn’t that be hideously inefficient to work around such a limitation? Particularly so in a mass production environment.

  28. Care to expand on this?

  29. You could tie this in with the whole brand recognition thing from earlier. Could be quite fun to try to run a successful factory with a dire safety record.

  30. Maybe, maybe not.