Ideres to use military spending and lack of as a crisis triger

So in the democracy 3, military spendings had no real big incentive not to just lower it, or to raise it (unless you wanted to make patriots happy). So wanted to ask if it would make sense to have a crisis inspired by the situation in Taiwan, India, Ukraine (and probably more place’s) it would be something like if military spending is low and international reputation also is low you get a crisis “incursion from an enemy country” or “treat from a neighboring country” and it would damage the population’s opinion of your sins you can’t defend the country.

I know the chance for this to happen in the real world is low in most European countries and in the USA. But it can happen so fought it would be a neat little idea to have. It should probably also be linked to something like population or gpd, so big countries also have to worry about it, sins there is then a reason for the aggressor wanting to get his finger in your country. Don’t know what you think about it just wanted to throw it out there.

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I believe actually that low military spending in the previous games increased chance of terrorist attack which had a big negative impact, as a hidden metric. Whereas high military spending helped prevent that and caused occasional positive situations that made some voter groups happy. But I agree more events related to it would be cool.