If ever there was a strong case for GSB2, this is it.

(Big problem with 3D ===> Most of us use 2D images modification to create our ship, if the game become a 3D one, it will be much less mod friendly. (Bye Bye Xedilco XD))

if you want 3d GSB your best bet is galciv2

Right, I’ll pretty definitely be doing this at some point.

Nice place holder :slight_smile:

To all the people that are waiting - feel free to talk / suggest / discuss what kind of “good things” you would like over in this thread

may I ask, are there any plans to make gsb 1 mods compatible? (when its made and done of course)

and if 3d is added it should be optional

Thats a good question. I suspect that may be technically impossible given what I have planned, but you never know,.

My happiness level is far over 9000! xD
Already gave a special place to that link in my Bookmarks list =D

if you must add 3d, for god know why (its already a good game without), use google sketchup, it’s free so it will be more moder friendly

Count me as a new ensign on board. I love GSB and will defend it to the ends of the universe.

I too am here and since GSB is one of the few games I got a year ago and still play, it holds a special place in my heart. I have fallen madly in love with this, still to this day.