If you bought during beta...getting the full version...


…Is easy. If your game patched to 1.22, you already have it. This is the exact same code that goes on sale on launch day.
If it doesn’t patch correctly, or you want a fresh install just to be sure, you can re-use your download link right now to get an updated installer.
If you are waiting for Mac & Linux builds, they are now available, and I can trigger a re-send of the links to anyone who wants these, or you can email support@bmtmicro.com and ask them to re-send your links direct, now that all 3 formats are available.

As I understand it, your steam codes should all activate the minute the game is released which is 16:00 PDT (midnight GMT) On thursday!


wibbles Grats on the launch! Let it be gratuitous!