I'll be getting the demo....

I’ll be getting the demo to try it first, if you really recommend I should buy it, post it here.

Looks epic.

Are you expecting us to tell you NOT to buy the game? :smiley:

Anyway, do try the demo. It’s a nice, but not for just anyone, as you’ve no actual control during the battles.

I don’t like action games.
more tactical/strategic, and I like exploding stuff.

If those are your passions, then you are in the right place. BTW, welcome aboard our humble little forums!

The strategy lies in fleet composition and assignment of combat orders. Everything after that is just glorious flaming pew-pew-pew. :smiley:

pew-pew ZAP! pew-pew za-za-za-za-zap BBOOOOMM!!

Dang, can’t get the usb to work.
Oh well.
I’ll get it eventually.
I’ll probably buy it if I can get enough pocket money.
then again, with 5 cents so far, things are looking grim.

actually more like
(animated gif,reload image in case your browser sucks :P)

I’ve seen videos of it.
Nothing to see here, just occasional bursts of madness.

It’s too bad you missed the steam deal. About $5 for the game and all expansions!

I’ll give you a more “balanced” review :].

If you like multiplayer strategy games, and totally can’t wait to challenge other players, then it is very much worth it at normal price.

If you only do single-player, the campaign itself is short. Of course there are tons of amazing mods to fill your time, but Cliffski is working on an extended campaign, and I expect the games and expansions to go on sale when he releases it. It seems like he is pretty fair along, and if you can wait, it might be a good idea to do so.

For what it’s worth the Steam download of the demo is still only at version 1.25, while the direct/mirrored demo from positech is version 1.46… many fixes and improvements made between the two!

I can’t get it because of an error, or rather, I can’t play it…

Why not post that error in the support forum so we/Cliff can help you?