I'm back! And it's my birthday ^^

Hi all,
I was out of country for a week and boy I missed GSB like crazy.
And since it’s my birthday, I though why not pamper myself once in a while, so I bought GC. I’ll worry about the wife later (she would definitely wonder why a 40 y.o. married man plays game :))
Well, to me playing games that I like (it’s the one and only, GSB, currently) is a way to refresh myself from all those stress in the office.

For that, thank you so much to Cliff for creating GSB, and also to all friends in the forum. You guys rock!
Ok, it’s my birthday, and it’s weekend. Time to tune up my cruisers and kick some aliens. LOL.


Happy birthday, tiger74. :smiley: May you continue to enjoy GSB, as well as the campaign game add-on!

I know precisely what you mean…I’m stuck in a baroque work situation that makes a lunatic asylum seem like the pinnacle of sanity. To me, GSB is an antidote for capitalist office-space craziness. I wish that I had more time for it, or even for gaming in general (fat chance of that). :confused:

Happy Birthday, old chap!

My wife has wondered why a 50 year old man plays this kind of game…I tell her that I’m trying to recapture my lost youth. :slight_smile:

I can sympathize with the “stress release”, and this is the only game I play currently – though I have purchased GTB for future use – once I get around to it.


Thank you guys ^^
Glad to see that the saying “There is a boy in every man” is really true.

Well, the wife plays game too on her iPhone, but definitely less serious than me with GSB.
She’s playing those farming games.

I will definitely buy GTB too in the near future, and any other games Cliff makes. I like his creativity and type of games.
P.S. I played till 4am. Got 5 hours sleep. Doing “family” things whole day, and now campaigning again ^^