I'm creating a mod based loosely on my musical tastes

Can’t say when this will be ready, as I’ve never done any modding before but I do have scripting experience from my uni days.

You’ll find bands/new songwriting ideas in my Photobucket-hosted snapshots from spreadsheets, direct addresses below:

i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll15 … Traits.jpg
i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll15 … /Bands.jpg

Warning: contains heavy amounts of Metal.

I shall also be swapping the saxophonist for a second guitarist and bringing in some more sound clips for the bands. I’m going to give the mid-level and difficult musicianship lessons a complete overhaul, changing them for the techniques used in the extra influences. I was originally going to record the guitar parts myself with my guitar but I’ve got my guitar out from the cobwebs and it really isn’t in a fit state for producing good music, due to a warped neck and other things. Instead, they’ll all be short extracts from my (legal as I bought the CDs) music collection, as with the gigs the band watches and the game screens (about the same length for these as for Guitar Hero).

I shall be using Windows Notepad to change the csvs, Windows Explorer to modify/swap/rename/add the files. Audacity 1.2.6 is my tool of choice for chopping mp3s and converting to ogg. Paintshop Pro will be used to modify the sprites such as the silhouette of the saxophonist/guitarist (I prefer less complicated tools like MS Paint, GIMP and IrfanView but they don’t have alpha channel editting capabilities or support for dds format). Various bitmaps will be gathered from the Internet for band logos, desktop screen and the like. I’m thinking of adding more assets for sale but will need to learn how the game handles them first.

I’ll also be either duplicating the current bank of songwriting ideas as variable2 or removing them altogether as the project goes on. If anybody has any recommendations or advice (or even just to tell me you’d be interested in downloading this mod when I’m finished), please let me know via comment, PM, email, etc… Still need to look at cheap/free hosting that will be friendly to casual surfers.

Please note that I don’t have enough imagination to make stuff up like band names or song snippets but if you want to replace mine with fictitious ones to avoid something beginning with copy and ending in ment, go ahead. As things are now, I would insist that you look at the songs used and have them already (legally) in your collection before you download/use my mod, as this means it will be less likely I’ll get threats of legal action. I shall be putting this disclaimer, along with the song list and direct links to buying from iTunes store, in the same zip as the mod. I shall also credit Cliff and the mod authors whose ideas/instructions I have used.