I'm hopeless at Anti-figher.

It seems that I can’t shoot these things down, not that they cause much of a problem to my massive crusiers. [I only have one type of ship really, and it’s a cruiser firing plasma – beats everything :(]. I’ve designed fighters to do this job – all they do is chase each other, adn either mine die lots, or both survive.
I’ve designed frigates to do this, but they always end up being ineffectual, especially if they’re using missiles, and end up being destroyed by the fighters. Often they’ll get destroyed by other frigates etc. I’ve yet to bother wasting a crusier hull on an anti-fighter roll. They’re slow enough as it is.

Tractor beams are your friend. Only way I can seem to ever hit fighters…

I find, lots of other fighters makes short work of them, especially when combined with cruiser defence lasers. Volume of fire is my friend. :slight_smile:

Actually, further to this, I just beat a heavily fighter-based fleet and the one thing I picked up was this: optimum fire ranges. In Omnitronic’s thread on this, Cliffsky stated that optimum fire ranges affect accuracy and that according to some of Omnitronic’s tests, it seems to affect it heavily. Based on my last battle, I think it’s key for dogfighting. Set a pulse laser fighter to engage at max range and he won’t hit the broad side of a barn, set it at 210 (optimum range) and they go through fighters like a hot knife through butter.